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Why Complexion

Colour is the most important factor that determines skin appearance, especially when used as a cosmetic foundation, in fact, a recent study showed that nearly 80% of women will change their foundation if the colour match is better than the product they are currently using.

The best foundation will match both the skin tone and ‘undertone’, which is the colour underneath the skin’s surface. The skin tone determines how light or dark the skin is based mostly on melanin, while the undertone has a degree of redness which is influenced by haemoglobin absorption. The undertone is a key factor that determines how radiant the skin looks.

Skin colour is highly unique to an individual, it varies significantly depending on race, sun exposure, age and lifestyle. The human eye is also very sensitive to changes in skin tone, this means that it is not possible to create a “standard pallet” of colours that will exactly match individuals in a given population – A true colour match will be unique. problems with this approach.

Appearances Do Matter

Self-Image is one of the most important factors contributing to making life decisions. It is known that people with a healthy self-image are more confident, have a greater motivation to succeed, are more resilient, and have stronger relationships.

People who have a positive self-image will make larger purchases and be more comfortable with their buying decisions: A purchase that improves self-image will also improve self confidence, there is a proven correlation between products promoting greater self-esteem and an increase in sales.

Skin plays an essential role in determining body image, it can determine whether a person is perceived by others as healthy and plays a major role in social signals such as camouflage, makeup and decoration. Skin conditions may also affect appearance, affect a person’s mental wellbeing and can contribute to anxiety and depression.

Studies have shown that the majority of people buying cosmetics will base their purchasing decision on appearance (“does it look good?”) rather than effect (“will it make my skin feel younger?”)

Gaining the Competitive Advantage

The global cosmetics market is lucrative and competitive, valued at USD 532.43 billion in 2017 with a projected market value of USD 805.61 billion by 2023.

Increase your brand awareness, revenue and sales, position you as a leader in the cosmetic’s industry using the latest colour matching technology, as a cosmetics retailer you need a point of difference to maximise your share of this competitive market. The ability to provide a unique and exceptional customer service experience and create customer loyalty, you need Complexion.


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