Flawless Colour Matching Based On Science

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What is Complexion

Complexion is a convenient, easy to use, spectrophotometer facial scanning wand designed to simplify colour matching of cosmetics to the customers skin tone. It ACCURATELY captures the true colour of the target in all lighting conditions, ensuring a perfect colour match from bright sunlight to indoor lighting.

What are Spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers measure transmittance and reflectance of light as a function of the wavelength of light. That is, it measures transmittance and reflectance for all colours of light, and shows how the transmittance/reflectance varies as the colour of the light is changed. Unlike with a colorimeter, the range of wavelengths that can be measured with a spectrophotometer extend beyond the visible range into infrared and ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The figure below shows a spectrophotometer:

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