Flawless Colour Matching Based On Science

Not Guesswork

The Future of Foundation Colour Matching

The CompleXion colour spectrophotometer scanner is the culmination of years of research into cosmetics formulation and application. CompleXion measures the way in which light is absorbed and reflected by the target area across the entire visible colour spectrum.

Multiple measurements may be taken, to ensure that the true colour is recorded. The resulting profile captures the true colour of the target in all lighting conditions, ensuring a perfect match from bright sunlight through to indoor lighting. CompleXion has an innovative wand design created especially for working with skin, it is easy to obtain an accurate scan without any specialist knowledge.

The CompleXion spectrophotometer will:

  • Measure the true colour of the skin by science not guesswork
  • Find the closest match to a range of pre-scanned target colours
  • Calculate a formulation of colours that will precisely match the skin
  • Requires no specialist knowledge, reduces time in selection


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